Guidelines for Community Participation

By participating in the Community, you agree to uphold these participation guidelines.

This is your community. Help keep it friendly, fun, and productive!

Community Goals

All guidelines promote these goals.

  1. Maintain a constructive environment in which WellSky users can help each other solve problems so everyone can implement their WellSky solution for maximum results and efficiency.

  2. Provide a platform where post-acute healthcare industry professionals can discuss industry updates and best practices to promote continuous education.

  3. Support networking among WellSky users to foster a strong professional community.

Please do...

  • Post constructive comments and questions. Your posts should either be application questions/answers, constructive feedback about product features, discussions about agency best practices, or discussions of industry news. If your post contains the phrase "I'm sorry for the rant, but…" you are likely in violation of this policy.

  • Be polite. The Community does not tolerate toxic or inappropriate content.

    • Toxic content: Statements rendered unproductive or unhelpful due to their lack of specificity or relevance to the original post, and which can be inflammatory, rude, or taunting

    • Inappropriate content: Statements that include libelous, defamatory, indecent, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, objectionable, discriminatory, abusive, vulgar, obscene, or offensive content

  • Post your own materials or give credit to those whose materials you cite. All content must be your own work or work that is properly attributed to the initial creator of the content.

  • Report content you feel is in violation of these guidelines. If you read a post you believe does not follow the participation guidelines set in this document, please message a moderator and let us know!

  • Post content in the designated forums. This makes it easier for community members to find what they need. This is especially important with regards to advertisements for jobs and services; those types of posts belong only in the designated Jobs and Services forum.

Please don’t…

  • Cross-post. Cross-posting is posting the same content in two or more locations. This can create confusion and isn’t ideal for locating helpful information in the community.

  • Post PHI. For more information about HIPAA compliance in the forum, please take a look at our statement of content responsibility below.

  • Discuss WellSky competitors. This forum is meant to be a base of support for WellSky users, so posting about competing products is counter-productive.

  • Post requests to WellSky or WellSky employees. Product enhancement, training, and other requests should be routed through the WellSky Support team or your WellSky Account Manager.

Statement of Content Responsibility

This forum is intended to facilitate discussion and the sharing of information regarding the use of WellSky applications (e.g., application usage tips, troubleshooting) by WellSky subscribers. Although WellSky staff periodically monitor this forum, WellSky is not responsible for the information posted herein, nor does WellSky guarantee its reliability or accuracy. Users are solely responsible for their posts and are expected to follow all applicable laws, including HIPAA (related to the protection, use, and disclosure of individually identifiable health information). Users are hereby notified not to publish any identifiable health information on this forum. To the extent this forum contains any discussion on subjects related to health care (e.g., diagnosis/treatment, industry best practices, industry changes, billing, clinical documentation, agency policies/procedures), none of that information should be construed as health care consultation or advice. Any opinions or positions expressed herein should not be construed to reflect those of WellSky.

Keep in mind...

  • It’s impossible for WellSky Community moderators to pre-screen all posted content. Therefore, we hold the right but not necessarily the responsibility to edit, remove, or relocate any content posted in the community if found to be inaccurate, confusing, or in violation of participation guidelines.

  • If you fail to abide by the participation guidelines outlined in this document, we may remove your posted content. We may also send a  message that informs you that your post has been removed or edited. Repeated violations of guidelines may result in temporary or permanent community account suspension.
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